What is all this pampering about?
Every day, week in, week out?
From hostel to hotel, beaches, bar and hangouts
Am tired of hearing, doing and doing the same thing

Whether I”m sexy or whether am not
Whether am happy or am sad
Whether I love to or hate to do it
All that matters is are they cool with it?

Drive me in
A Mercedes, Cardilac or limousine
I live this compass free of financial Baden

When ever I juggle or wiggle
It’s another poor old prick I crunch
As soon as they call baby, yes baby…

My sweet sense tingle for a Sony DC today and tomorrow?
Yes tomorrow could be a windows PDA brand new from IBM
For a sauna, a swim in the hot sun, endless holiday
Is all that I will crave for

A sugar baby for I
Before I juggle or wiggle another victim
Its time to turn to my books,
good grades at schools
A better tomorrow starts today

My teachers yes my lecturers and professors too
I see them as a tool, puppets they are
For good grades needs dedications and openness
My world is a statement of price, an invitation to treat
Caviet empta is all that I offer

Be aware am a sugar baby, baby…


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