Am a Toy Boy
Yes I am because I am in love
With my mothers age mate
No I don’t actually love her but I love her money

Girls my age brackets
Knows not the secret of courtship
If its love then you are in trouble
But my mothers age brackets wants attention

Toy boy to sugar mom
money I desire
For the courtship I pretend
Nothing other than money that I die for

Lean on me
She cries with cold hands, cold hands…
I will curry you through I comfort
With worm shoulder I cuddle her

A sugar boy be I for these Stallions
That I scavenge
Test-less as they may be
Are my fathers age mates

Who cares what they be
None but I do
I care for I need their money
Trade fluids for Money

A toy boy I am
I know she isn’t worth a woman
But for her money I die
I make her world feel young ageing in style

In public
She is only a mother
And I only a son she never had
I care what you say but to money I care most!

Not silly enough to make mistakes
Sweet mama likes it her way
For I do it just the way she wants it
Mama needs no shield on but I do

Hey girl hold it
She is my boss
Show some respect young lady or else?
Or else you quit!


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