Rebirth of Time

Yesterday was history
Tomorrow is mystery
I live for mystery
A gift I suppose
To you

If you don’t consider it
Its up to you
My status today is temporary
And what passes by
Is a gift

Today a gift
But you my friend
You live for today
To you I am a Skank
For I live in promises that never yield

Keep on laughing
Tomorrow I will yield the good breeds
But today you stresses me up
But block by block I build a foundation
That your generation will be proud of

I am a skank you laugh
But tomorrow I will ask
May be you will even be frightened
To look at me in the face
For you lived for ruins but I was the building blocks

A foundation I built for your generation
A strong foundation that a nation praises
Yet you blindly accuse me
Of poverty and dictatorship
I am a son of my mother born strong and understanding

You my friend
You have been blinded by worldly items
Correct your mistakes
And I will forgive and forget
Don’t let greed blind you

You do not consider me worthy
I am a man of deity
I believe in reincarnation
Metempsychosis or transmigration of the soul
Do you believe in reincarnation too

The chi in me
The Derivative of the spirits…
What holds my heart is stronger
Than what you are asking for

I live in the darkest part of my soul
My deeds are a result of transformation
Of the worldly pears that hearts my soul
A blue print in my judgment
An issue you shouldn’t consider

Put thoughts first
Speak after a correct judgment
Do not provoke an issue
Walk away
That helps calm a provoked soul

We are our own judgment
You my friend fails to understand
The doctrines
Was it not you who asked
And when I answer it frightens you up

I am not what you see in me
I am a result of wisdom
A knowledge greater than what education can hold
I am a light bearer in the darkness
My light shines beyond the horizon to my death bed

Do not talk false on me
Do not ignore my calling
Do not wish bad lack on me
The world is an atom in a multiverse
And you and me are the building blocks in it

The protons and neutron
Vibrating to cause a change
Electrons a charge
That cooks a mans brain
And you my friends see me walk to my darker days


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