Gone are the yesterdays
When my country was still peaceful
When slenderer ladies roamed the night clubs
And every muzungu was a pray

We cried freedom from financial burdens
Drunk cold citizen brew, sipped sucks of london dry gin
Yet with coal like coated skin, smelly armpits and torn stockings we were but happy

Football was the inn thing
My team was chicago bulls
I recall of the time when Jordan Mike did his air walk
BBC broad cast it live my ears were opened that day

The stick girls that would roam the trading centre
Munching ligaments and eating row mangos were aloof
They would live a muzungu crying out bloody girl!
But that was then in the after math

We had no social media to discipline us
So we drunk and rested while at work
Creative writing is so difficult my friends would complain
You have to sample it to get the real story

A Muzungu yelling out 999 police
With an open zip lock, no pants and personal documents
A rubber shield peeping out of his west line
While we sipped sucks of london gin and Citizen beer
a donation from the stick girl whom he had…

That was in the past
But today the stick girls have been replaced by the Swagatees
they are friendlier to money and are shameless
They keep track of the social and political headlines
And like an angry lioness they are aggressive and knows not how to share

That was today
In tomorrows world
I expect date night girls to replace swagatees
They will break all the rules
make life a living hell for some of us
And they will be the type you can’t hide away from.
Because Humanity is changing…

Muzungu is a white person
Swagatees are youth with a particular blend of fashion

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