We miss you Maraboustork

Rain or shine
The painters of this nation
Rest in a garbage park
I have known them for quite a long time
Their favorite color is white
Their favorite spot is high above every man
And with an oily sack
They will paint

Water water comer miayi
A vulture butcher a dead caucus
And in the eye of every man
The sun sings freedom
And every plant withers
Wile the painters of this nations looks on
With a greedy eye
The world is but a corrupt environment

The ground breathes death
Iron snakes rails on
Noisy birds fly high above
Poisonous waters corrodes our wells
Our eyes are dried and grungy
A guard to save the nations
Earth worms hunts man for lunch
Yet with a dry suck
The painters of this world departs for the wilderness
We miss you Maraboustork

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