Pride Land that i Admired

Let me tell them my story
Of abuse and disrespect
Segregated and thought for as an alien
My reddish skin tone speaks for its self
My black thick cloud of hair
Makes you idle gaze in admiration

Am an alien
Born African
A little heaven
In my country
we know no greed
No jealousy
No hatred
Africa a beautiful country for nobles

I used to live in a garden of plenty
Shared with the lions
And we were one but happy family
Never was I caged for my favorite beauty
Crocodiles, Pythons, and hyenas were medicinal meat
And cold clear waters gracefully meandered
through our home state

My curiosity brought me holocaust
Europe an Ugly country
Forest of dead rocks
for a home state
No clear streams
Water test like urine

Noisy fire breathing animals runs freely
With a circular rubbery legs
The alien people speaks nasal tongue
A cobweb wrapped around their bodies
They have hooves like the cows
And are very aggressive
Some carry fire sticks too

The white skins tames that, that can not be eaten
For their advantage
Hanger bites painfully insides my bosom
I miss you mother africa
I miss you pride land

This place is no place for man
Yet the white skin finds it heaven
They have caged me
Either because of my hear lock
Or because of my skin tone
What a strange place
Take me back home
So that I can play with the lions
In a mountain of dead rock I lie, caged and isolated


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