Cry Blood

Today we fight for freedom
Tomorrow we suffer from our own ignorance
When the free will is no more
And brothers eats up each other life
(For a political cause)

Let the sent of burnt blood
pinch their nostrils while the world turns a blind eye
Upon the foreseen beauty
Of the dying…
(For a sin they pay in regret)

Audible to their ears
Is nothing more than fate
Echoes of death screams of a failed figure head
As fetal brutality lights their future
(We hear in regret)

Let’s not take laws in our hands
In retaliation
They have dictated upon our fate
And we dance to their tunes…
(Day… by night…)

Of the socialist attributes
We strive regardless
But lies and propaganda is sweeter than honey
And they know it
(For we sing free will to humanity)

Poverty is strife like a bees stink
Nobility is unjust and dangerous
Propaganda is sweet to the capitalist
And success strives on lies
(While everything else withers with lies.)


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