Reaping the Mastered Seeds A Confessional letter from the Emperor

Dear fellow country folks
I have been doctored
To learn the ways of man into supporting a cause
Why is it that so many of you guys are so anti-dictators?

Imagine if this state was democratic
I wouldn’t let 1% of my people have all the nation’s wealth.

I wouldn’t afford helping my rich friends like Meta, Rupzzi, Geovani and many more get richer by cutting their taxes
Or Bailing them out when they gamble and lose.

I wouldn’t afford ignoring the needs of the poor for health care and education like I has been doing in the past thirty years.

Look at my media, it currently appear free, but is secretly controlled by Geovan and his family.

My loving government tortures foreign prisoners and political opponents like Lukzzi and Kizz.B.

I have rigged elections what will UN do about it?
I have lied about why I go to war and my troops are doing quite a good Job in foreign countries like Somalia, S. Sudan, D.R Congo and C.A.R. Let alone Nigeria, Burundi and Middle east.

My prisons are filled with one particular political group, and no one complains

I have use the media to scare the people into supporting policies that are against their interests and that’s the definition of freedom and free will

The mastered seed that was planted way back in January of 1986 is readily ripen and yellow and I will harvest it Jointly or single handed.

The Barrel awaits who ever ignores my call
Doctored by His Excellence

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