Left home with a quest
To get my head thinking
With a sipped of poison
By brains grew bigger
My problems disappeared

Today we sipped
Tomorrow we wonder
Yesterday was a day but
With a poisonous glass
By my hand I sipped
Towards my way to insanity

A pub for a home
Sponges as friends
The blew sky is my home
But a long dark cloud hovers over me

Is there pleasure amidst sanity
A bar is home away from home
A mixologist a friend amidst friends
Please lord take this glass away from I

My prayer past heavenly gates
Am free from contamination
A short, volt, bottle, tort or so
Tears flows as utility reaches marginals

I lick the toilet sits
And protest blame
Not me but the bartender
And yet a Tavern is home a way from home
Where free advise is got.

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