A Letter To A Secret Admirer

Dear Blue
It wasn’t purple
Till I tested red as streams of death fills my heart
For I long for your heart
Give me your heart
Give me love
Your love
Give me your love and always it will be bond

Time to time again
We wasn’t never meant to be
Always wondering
Why and the thing is…
I’ve tried to move
Forward without you but I can’t

My heart beats lonely because my heart,
My heart
My mind
My soul
Is telling me you are right here

Right here
Right here
Here here and there…
God! dam’it…
it’s killing me

All I ever wanted was your loyalty
Royalty is a quest
For a bond in love
Test tan’gy like the leaves of hibiscus rozaless
I guess that was to much to ask

And I’
I w’ll always want you
In my heart always…
In my mind always
And soul..
In waits for a love in vain…

With lots of admiration
Yours truly love one in comer!
My breath stops right here
Am dying and don’t forget to love me

Are You Worthy?

i love you but are you worth the sacrifice?
Because I have to sacrifice a lot.

I have to sacrifice my,
My last name to take up yours
Leave my home to move in with you
And of my reedom
Ho sacrifice my entire fredom to
In’form you of my whereabouts all the time…

I have to sacrifice my alone time to be with you
Sacrifice my body
My body to bear your children
Think about it
My body!?

I have to sacrifice some of my dreams
For the betterment of wii!!!
Give up my world as I know it
So that I can include you in it
These are huge sacrifices my friend
So you stay secret and let me move on

But if,
If I
If I may ask why?
Or so to say
Are you worthy?

Are you?
Are you?
Are you please answer me?

Are you worthy of the tears when we have a fight?
Are you worthy the pain when am having our babies?
Are you worthy the sleepless nights when I am missing you?
Are you worthy the worry when things are not well with you?
Are you worthy the time to be spared to spend together?
Are you worthy the opportunities I have to let go of?
Are you worthy the rest of my life?

Are you deserving of me?

This intelligent and wise me
This wonderfully and fearfully made me
This hard-working and goal oriented me?

Are you worthy of?

This loving and caring me
This compassionate and gracious me
This God fearing and discerning me
This loyal and honest me
This visionary
This warrior
This team player
This peace maker

Because I will not settle for less
I simply cannot afford to
You must be worthy
You must be deserving
Because there is too much at stake

Yes I Am Worthy a Promise…

I am
A tingle of loneliness
My hear beats once again

Like a duker I will die at your footsteps
If lilies be gray let red be the color of my lobe
For I will curry you whole world on my back

I am an elephant
A giant among dwarfs
For I eat the top of
The palm

My worm blood is but nectar
Your tears are my sorrows
Your smiles elevates me till the secret world
Where gods are but jealous

I passionates between ridges
And the world is at peace
If you hold the lonely strings tight
What more do I need
My dear you and you alone
Is all that I long for

    © Caesar Obong 2016

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