A Triptych

From the past to the future
I slit-wage my burden
Through a state in quagmire

Every leaf is dry
The nation is at stake
Yet a triptych stands in black yellow and red

The past
The present
And the future awaits a nation

Yesterday we feared our burden and took refuge
Another took care with a blunt knife and butchered ignorance
Our eyes were opened with a drop of knowledge-queen syrup

Today we curry the syrup back home as bread winners
Booms still rains and our nation still dead
Mothers cry but where is the innocent world around

Let me a number
Let me call you, no I don’t need your number
I rather sing to the entire glob yet a painting still stands with three panels

In black the past still hunts us
In yellow the present in hunting us
In red the future will hunt us

We must face it with iron hurts
We shall sweat and cry blood until the fated victory.
This is our only hope for a painting with three panels

    © Caesar Obong 2016

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