I take a trip out of my comfort zone

Genetically Modified Organisms(GMO)

Chocking the Soils of the earth, waters of revers and lakes

As i feed on the poisons

Made by mad men in their death restricted labaratories

Sickening and dying is all that is left of my spices



Out of my office windows i see Air Acrobatic…

Chemtrail left by somersaulting aeroplanes

A pilot spray chemicals on our clouds

Poisonous gasses turned into rainfall

Droplets on my vegitations and waters

I drink the waters…

Sickening and dying is my fate

Today its me but tomorrow is all of the spices of the world


My Leaders, congress men, Musicians, Poets, writers

What is your use

have you no shame exposing these acts

why must you wait until you are sick and dying

And doctors making a fortune out of your hard earned money

Ignorance is a disease but information if worth a fortune

Raise up and defend the planet


Its our only hope for humanity survivals.

©Caesar Obong 2018


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