My Night Rose (drugs and the angel)

This part of town that l lay my bones to rest in is of no greater good, girls hanging around in skimpy dresses can be seen in every night corner, I have come for an adventure but its a pitiful site, do their parents know where they are? Am attempted to ask this question as I tip-toe slowly from one night corner to another.

“Hiss hiss!
Kasitoma wama jangu (a polite way of calling a customer)
Muzei Jangu”(Old man come)

I peep into her heavenly saucepan stained with the sent of death, for the banana that I carry along is a lot row and ready to be used as a staffing rod “In-zei(Me)?” I answer not aware of the consequence to which she replied yee!(yes)
I reach for her bargain, she pulling her skimpy dress even more, “oyagala chii?(what do you want)” She question me.

Oba longu…?”

She continues with the interrogation.
Her hands reaching for my banana and another a blunder already terrorizing my back patch
she questions me to which I replied “Muhabati” and in no time she pulls sticks of marijuana. “Kasa na budo muzei.” She answers more skimpy dresses approaches
Calling me kasitoma, Kasitoma…

I reach for my shoes pull a coin and there we go
Now I ask for a shorti
“Genda mu lodgi masikini”
Another reply
Pointing towards a lodge
I see no exit and venture into a lodge
Well I book a room
Its a hassol
Used condoms welcomes me
Vampires blood angry bedbugs and mosquitoes welcomes me and the night girl who sold to me marijuana walks in freely with a glass pipe
“Kasitoma?” She calls
Ngu? I respond, now speaking in British English accent undresses before me
“My name is meg, what brings you to this part of town?
To which I answer drugs.
Come on lover boi, you are at the right place here I have three types
Which way is home, where is my manhood gone and high way.
Which of the three are you interested in?”
She continues
Mind rep rooflin I reply
“Ooh I will get you that immediately, its call date rape here, you will have a wonderful time in my part of town.

Well am a poet
A creative writer who also has a sweet test for women with large breast, brown skin and sometime I cannot stand the sight of black skinned girls with naturally untreated hair, those coal like skin makes my blood pressure rise, my head stops working and all that I can visualize is a bucket of KFC served with heavenly delights, well that’s me.

In no time Meg pops back with a brass like tea pot, a small tray, a stove and water, “these will be five dollars are you still interested?” She questions me to which I replied yes with an attitude, I immediately reach for my tour pocket pull five dollars and before long I was already having the time of my life smoking mind rape or what ever the name was.

Meg on the other hand was totally nood, her white teeth dazzled in the night, her breast stunted and as she puffed from the tubes the smoke made her even looked more like an angel and there was no way I was gonna let go of this heavenly beauty, should I just ask for it, nail her on the coach or let her go? Lots of thoughs peer into…

And as though kept a stady floor she knew my intention, buckets of thought came into my mind and just then she moved even closer and as she reached for my manhood which was no more than a dot or should I say a pimple swollen on my bosom, her lifeless hands gave me no comfort and just then I remembered the name of the drug was date Rape.

As the saying goes it’s said tha with date rape tobbacco everything will look ok but you are a total failure and yes its true every thing looked pritty cool but I was a total failure. Even my manhood failed me, that is why I know drugs are not to be messed with, lackey I can read. and write the exact warning says ” cigarette smoking can be harmful to your health, mind rape cured tobacco reduces sexual libido” well that’s what was on the army green packet.


Kasitoma – customer
Muhabati – Marijuana
Shorti – xxx for a short duration
Longu – Explicit of a long duration
Genda – Go
Lodgi – Lodge
Kasa – a thousand
Budo – five hundred

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Confession of A Heroin Addict

Hooked to the look of wild being I am
I live in the land of the un forgiven
My Habits turn good ones bad
Poison a rituals
Have got to have it
I have it, a habit
Welcome your traces
Of an addict
God forgive me
For the bad deeds
That I have done

Drug addict I am
Steel iron tubes pricks my veins
Worm poisons spills my blood
Quivering is my body without it
I got to have it
To kill the pain
Blurry is my vision
Eye lead heavy
I feel it

I see sound floating in the air
How wonderful heroin is
Today I plant a rose on my grave yard
Let me curve a stone for a coffin
I dig a hole under the sun
Hidden is my cynical ritual
Have got to have it now
For the watery pellets heats like bullets
Automated pressure kills me quick
God forgive the son of man
For I am mortal and helpless
Under the sun

I give some act-rite juices
To feel it high
Is my bad
Now everything is all right
The eye of the needle cries out to the darker side
Am looking inside through the outdoor knocking
But my society won’t let me in
So I grab my stocking
Put over my head and get the dough
These needles are my gods
Smack is my soul
My domain brings conclusion
That I’m using but the question is, am I abusing
Infested in the residence of union
Drug intrusion, color fusion
Invasion! of your senses maintain relapse
Dilate eye lenses
My dependence on these chemical artificial dreams
Is what makes my habit obscene
God forgive my sins for I am no man without your protections

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