I take a trip out of my comfort zone

Genetically Modified Organisms(GMO)

Chocking the Soils of the earth, waters of revers and lakes

As i feed on the poisons

Made by mad men in their death restricted labaratories

Sickening and dying is all that is left of my spices



Out of my office windows i see Air Acrobatic…

Chemtrail left by somersaulting aeroplanes

A pilot spray chemicals on our clouds

Poisonous gasses turned into rainfall

Droplets on my vegitations and waters

I drink the waters…

Sickening and dying is my fate

Today its me but tomorrow is all of the spices of the world


My Leaders, congress men, Musicians, Poets, writers

What is your use

have you no shame exposing these acts

why must you wait until you are sick and dying

And doctors making a fortune out of your hard earned money

Ignorance is a disease but information if worth a fortune

Raise up and defend the planet


Its our only hope for humanity survivals.

©Caesar Obong 2018



Give me blood and wine

So i can celebrate

My opportunities

With vengeance

Too long has my patience

Dried up in mad-illusions

While the black white collar criminal

Rabid our lives masterminding a plan

We plunge our way in disguise

Today we languid from  fake policies

Tomorrow our children pays the price

While we are long gone and forgotten

Earth worms make love with our skull

And dead waters slabber

We kink our hears

And pray for the fated day


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Contrasting Schooling and Being Schooled

To live without thinking is to fail in the proper use of that power and fraculties with which we have been eluded, to think with out applying one’s thought to the conduct and affections to the subject is but a loose understanding of the conditions and terms of minute intellectual capacity, that capacity to reason, listen and understand what the ultimate goal of the information is and how it can be developed to something useful by another party or groups of individuals

What is education then?

What is studies, why do we need to be schooled?

Must we pay vast amount of money to buy knowledge?

All these questions and their answers are but illusions for if money as a medium of exchange is involved in education, the whole ultimate goal of innovation and or invention looses the meaning which is the primary goal of getting schooled and to be schooled is to learn from one another which is the sharing of a known piece of information, or idea which in tern is the passing of a given information from one informed ear to the other uninformed ear.

The information must then pass through a medium and that media sometime being the ultimate truth through which knowledge can be attained, the proces of attaining that knowledge there for is magical, there are vast fields of learning and learning it self is a question in contrast, that which is magnetised to a polarity, that polarity being the body of knowledge or mental freedom to which ones attains at the end of the tunnel.

The duality that doesn’t exist but in turns affects us more and more with time is to try and learn from the ultimate goal of magnetization the polarities, the absolute freedom, the caravan of destitute, that underlining concept of time and space in a field of broader understanding.

How ever the use of magnet in this concept is sometimes understood as a compleet manipulation of the ultimate doctrine, as if to say the only choice is between yes and no. The understanding and failing to understand is but a mystery born out of human mis understanding, that which in this case can be treated as a corrupt behaviour, that behaviour which is aberrant.

To sum up this discussion about schooling and being school let me take a deep guess into my curious state of mental illusion and may i be bold enough to accept that the truth is the illusion and there is no truth in its self but the finding of the ultimate goal is what counts. The ultimate goal is also the induction of curiosity or the introduction of corrupt understanding as the saying goes in this current generation of netzenship.


Make A Change


if you keep on
Doing what ever
You have always 

You will keep on
Being who ever
you have always

Don kong i winya loki ba
lok man kela koyo
jal kong iwinya loki ba
lok man kela koyo
kong i winya loki ba
kela koyo ya

Yes i know that
how it sounds like
too well i know that
what it feels like

nothing changes 
unless you can
make a change
nothing changes 
Unless you make a change


Don kong i winya loki ba
lok man kela koyo
jal kong iwinya loki ba
lok man kela koyo
kong i winya loki ba
kela koyo ya

Verse(spoken word)

When hope 
is the only force
sweeter than the human will

Freedom, Justice and Peace
Are but illusion
Born out of the faculties
Of the same force
made divine by 
the same people who gave you 
Your banking System, 
Your corrupt educational system
Your free will

Its important to note
that freedom is a fundamental right
a right to decency
creativity, individuality and intellectualism

Killing creativity, individuality and Intellectualism
is more like modern day slavery
that which we must fight upon.

Yes i know that
how it sounds like
too well i know that
what it feels like

Don kong i winya loki ba
lok man kela koyo
jal kong iwinya loki ba
lok man kela koyo
kong i winya loki ba
kela koyo ya (X4)

To play the song you will ave to set your metronome at 70 beeps per minutes, 
the codes being used are E and Am don't forget the finger picking.


A Triptych

From the past to the future
I slit-wage my burden
Through a state in quagmire

Every leaf is dry
The nation is at stake
Yet a triptych stands in black yellow and red

The past
The present
And the future awaits a nation

Yesterday we feared our burden and took refuge
Another took care with a blunt knife and butchered ignorance
Our eyes were opened with a drop of knowledge-queen syrup

Today we curry the syrup back home as bread winners
Booms still rains and our nation still dead
Mothers cry but where is the innocent world around

Let me a number
Let me call you, no I don’t need your number
I rather sing to the entire glob yet a painting still stands with three panels

In black the past still hunts us
In yellow the present in hunting us
In red the future will hunt us

We must face it with iron hurts
We shall sweat and cry blood until the fated victory.
This is our only hope for a painting with three panels

    © Caesar Obong 2016

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Upon heavens
My blistering tong
Be sealed

Do not cry
For mother earth weeps
From the freckles and shackles
Of capitalism

Upon faith
Let money be history
The soils of the earth
Boggy messy with innocent Sins

Winners and losers
Shackles to shackles
Freckles to freckles
We loose no time in our quest

Let God be the highest priest
Let’s rule this nation
In Gods mercy
In deity there is hope.

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Trident of Hope

Begotten three scores a some
From dawn
To Dusk
My hope dwells in ignorance

The fated blow of life
Leaves a mean buffalo stranded
Begotten not made man
Fate knows no slave

Begotten not made sick
Form of corruption
Dwells. In dikes like a mad bull elephant
We hope some day, just some day

And just some day we pray
The Sun raises his fingers upon us
So that plants may speak of glorification
And hopes at three scores

Three suns will shine
Of the blew print in the sky
Of the unseen in our hearts
And of the mirror in its reflection we know in the darkness her light will shine.

    Caesar Obong 2016

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