A Letter To A Secret Admirer

Dear Blue
It wasn’t purple
Till I tested red as streams of death fills my heart
For I long for your heart
Give me your heart
Give me love
Your love
Give me your love and always it will be bond

Time to time again
We wasn’t never meant to be
Always wondering
Why and the thing is…
I’ve tried to move
Forward without you but I can’t

My heart beats lonely because my heart,
My heart
My mind
My soul
Is telling me you are right here

Right here
Right here
Here here and there…
God! dam’it…
it’s killing me

All I ever wanted was your loyalty
Royalty is a quest
For a bond in love
Test tan’gy like the leaves of hibiscus rozaless
I guess that was to much to ask

And I’
I w’ll always want you
In my heart always…
In my mind always
And soul..
In waits for a love in vain…

With lots of admiration
Yours truly love one in comer!
My breath stops right here
Am dying and don’t forget to love me

Are You Worthy?

i love you but are you worth the sacrifice?
Because I have to sacrifice a lot.

I have to sacrifice my,
My last name to take up yours
Leave my home to move in with you
And of my reedom
Ho sacrifice my entire fredom to
In’form you of my whereabouts all the time…

I have to sacrifice my alone time to be with you
Sacrifice my body
My body to bear your children
Think about it
My body!?

I have to sacrifice some of my dreams
For the betterment of wii!!!
Give up my world as I know it
So that I can include you in it
These are huge sacrifices my friend
So you stay secret and let me move on

But if,
If I
If I may ask why?
Or so to say
Are you worthy?

Are you?
Are you?
Are you please answer me?

Are you worthy of the tears when we have a fight?
Are you worthy the pain when am having our babies?
Are you worthy the sleepless nights when I am missing you?
Are you worthy the worry when things are not well with you?
Are you worthy the time to be spared to spend together?
Are you worthy the opportunities I have to let go of?
Are you worthy the rest of my life?

Are you deserving of me?

This intelligent and wise me
This wonderfully and fearfully made me
This hard-working and goal oriented me?

Are you worthy of?

This loving and caring me
This compassionate and gracious me
This God fearing and discerning me
This loyal and honest me
This visionary
This warrior
This team player
This peace maker

Because I will not settle for less
I simply cannot afford to
You must be worthy
You must be deserving
Because there is too much at stake

Yes I Am Worthy a Promise…

I am
A tingle of loneliness
My hear beats once again

Like a duker I will die at your footsteps
If lilies be gray let red be the color of my lobe
For I will curry you whole world on my back

I am an elephant
A giant among dwarfs
For I eat the top of
The palm

My worm blood is but nectar
Your tears are my sorrows
Your smiles elevates me till the secret world
Where gods are but jealous

I passionates between ridges
And the world is at peace
If you hold the lonely strings tight
What more do I need
My dear you and you alone
Is all that I long for

    © Caesar Obong 2016

Reaping the Mastered Seeds A Confessional letter from the Emperor

Dear fellow country folks
I have been doctored
To learn the ways of man into supporting a cause
Why is it that so many of you guys are so anti-dictators?

Imagine if this state was democratic
I wouldn’t let 1% of my people have all the nation’s wealth.

I wouldn’t afford helping my rich friends like Meta, Rupzzi, Geovani and many more get richer by cutting their taxes
Or Bailing them out when they gamble and lose.

I wouldn’t afford ignoring the needs of the poor for health care and education like I has been doing in the past thirty years.

Look at my media, it currently appear free, but is secretly controlled by Geovan and his family.

My loving government tortures foreign prisoners and political opponents like Lukzzi and Kizz.B.

I have rigged elections what will UN do about it?
I have lied about why I go to war and my troops are doing quite a good Job in foreign countries like Somalia, S. Sudan, D.R Congo and C.A.R. Let alone Nigeria, Burundi and Middle east.

My prisons are filled with one particular political group, and no one complains

I have use the media to scare the people into supporting policies that are against their interests and that’s the definition of freedom and free will

The mastered seed that was planted way back in January of 1986 is readily ripen and yellow and I will harvest it Jointly or single handed.

The Barrel awaits who ever ignores my call
Doctored by His Excellence

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Confession of A Heroin Addict

Hooked to the look of wild being I am
I live in the land of the un forgiven
My Habits turn good ones bad
Poison a rituals
Have got to have it
I have it, a habit
Welcome your traces
Of an addict
God forgive me
For the bad deeds
That I have done

Drug addict I am
Steel iron tubes pricks my veins
Worm poisons spills my blood
Quivering is my body without it
I got to have it
To kill the pain
Blurry is my vision
Eye lead heavy
I feel it

I see sound floating in the air
How wonderful heroin is
Today I plant a rose on my grave yard
Let me curve a stone for a coffin
I dig a hole under the sun
Hidden is my cynical ritual
Have got to have it now
For the watery pellets heats like bullets
Automated pressure kills me quick
God forgive the son of man
For I am mortal and helpless
Under the sun

I give some act-rite juices
To feel it high
Is my bad
Now everything is all right
The eye of the needle cries out to the darker side
Am looking inside through the outdoor knocking
But my society won’t let me in
So I grab my stocking
Put over my head and get the dough
These needles are my gods
Smack is my soul
My domain brings conclusion
That I’m using but the question is, am I abusing
Infested in the residence of union
Drug intrusion, color fusion
Invasion! of your senses maintain relapse
Dilate eye lenses
My dependence on these chemical artificial dreams
Is what makes my habit obscene
God forgive my sins for I am no man without your protections

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I beg O…
In the name of this almighty!
Is the underlying disguise
I see all day O…
In the city or town streets
I walk ho…

See them crippled our society
submit to lazy individuals
Allow them take along,
Every sweat earned
You being run over

The song of a hawker-city council attendants stampede,
The noise from the law enforcers step our thread bare buttocks
And the cold gun barrel rest on our naked necks
While we are nothing more than sits
To the low high officers of the peoples

A meal a day
We stay focused of being rained on dirty politics
Have you heard?
Sweet melodies from a blind street bagger
Leaves us all opened mouthed
The disabled is always our hero
Making us feel safe on the naked streets

I wish you knew my fate
I don’t but the street herbalist does
He is a god on the street
For a near Wesley brown or silvery coins
His tongue sees my future

Am more alert at the law enforcers
The low high officers of the law.
Whose rubber boots massages our buttocks
His gun barrel threaten our souls
And we kindly curry him on our backs

Of the street acrobats
Have you seen how beautiful they are
How aggressive they live
How patient they can be
They are the accommodating souls
Help them or not!

They won’t mark your face
Let you pass without calling u ‘sister’ or ‘brother’
A day later with the same plight.
They simply need a savior
A savior to lead them to classroom doors,
Studios and Art galleries
Or fashion shows
They need someone to hold their hand to the right direction

Hear them play in an appropriate stage
Play the drum sets with the right band
Dance for the right artist
They need a library to borrow books from
Not a bowl with two desperately tired coins waiting for a good Samaritan to pass by!

A beggar, yes a beggar on the street
You need stop playing foul
Someone needs not pity in the name of able physiques.
What a lazy lad you are!
Pessimistic opportunist!
We need laws to punish such,
Not for being lazy
But for the injustice they do…
Harmlessly needy souls of the community
disabled members of our states.

They don’t need beggars to lead them to the streets
When they don’t want to be there in the first place.
When all they need is for the beggar to leave them alone!
To walk in the streets of towns and cities
As they head to their places of work!

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Bucket O Bones

Dear friends o earth,
Am no pagan
Neither am I faithful enough
To live a bucket of meat unattended to?

A bucket of vegetable
Makes no sense to me
Religion is corruption
Just like tax men

A bucket of bones is all that’s left
I wish I knew what they were celebrating
I wish I was dogmatic enough to understand SANTA
For Christ’s coming meant mass madder to chicken

I a rasta ferian fight for love of all that breath
My rasta fidelity of three leaves, fight for freedom
And a plate of veggies
Leaves me in a state of quagmire…

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righteously angry

When I look at burundi well am righteously angry
What a common expressions of violence anger is.
When my wife or sister is attacked I say I am righteously angry
When my country is attacked,
My ideas
My principles
My way of life
I am righteously angry
I am also angry when my habits are attacked or my petty little opinions
When you tread on my toes or insult me I get angry
Or if you run away with my wife and I get jealous
That jealousy is called righteous because she is my property
And all this anger is morally justified
But to kill for my country is also justified
So when we are talking about anger
Which is a part of violence
Do we look at anger in terms of righteous and un righteous anger according to our own inclinations and environmental drive
Do we see only anger?
Is there righteous anger ever?
Or is there only anger?

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If its Middle East or third world Africa
the world is quiet
when Czar da Poet
Clears his voice and open his wide mouth to Speak
thousands of haters ask my status in life,
well refuse to accept the truth but I will never stop blowing the trumpets of the Payira
handed down for generations
from Rwot Awich to Acana
I live among the shadows of
Pa neya am of the paidwe’s

Let them speak
Let them slain us
Kololo ku
One day when am gone
the world will remember my name in pain
son of the Paidwe’s hunted,
hated and rejected for i whistled…
Ladwar dies of thirst in the wilderness
Let’s all whistle the songs of freedom

Rwot- title for a chief among the acholi
Payira is a geograpical location
Paneya- maternal grandness home state
Kololo ku- rebellion never wins
Paidwe-of the moon people
Ladwar- a hunter

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